Barbara METZ, 1819-1819
Walburga Sinzinger's father-in-law's aunt

 Father Johann Georg "Georg" METZ
 Mother Anna Margaretha "Margaretha" ENGL Metz, 1776-
       Sister Anna Margareta METZ Stetner, 1805-
       Brother Johann Michael METZ, 1806-
       Sister Anna Maria METZ, 1809-1853
       Brother Johann George METZ, 1810-1811
       Brother Johann METZ, 1812-
       Sister Walburga METZ, 1816-
       Barbara METZ, 1819-1819
       Brother Georg METZ, 1824-

Time Line

17 March 1819 - Born at Hinterthann, Kreis Regensburg, Bayern at 4:00 PM and baptized. Godparents were Georg Engl, Semicolonus from Hinterthann and Margaretha Weiss, midwife

17 July 1819 - Died