Freudenthal  (now Bruntal)
Kreis Troppau, Austrian Silesia

Map of Freudenthal
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Map dates from ca 1766. It covers an area of approximately 2.2 by 1.5 km (1.4 by 0.9 US miles).

Map image was adapted from 1st Military Survey of Austria, Silsia section 22

Related Families in Freudenthal

The following table shows which of the individuals included in this web site are connected to Freudenthal and over what time span they are found here.

SurnameGiven names and the range of dates the person was found in Freudenthal
 NaŘmar  Rosina 1683..1704
 Thiel  Heinrich 1683
 Walter / Walther  Anna Rosina 1691; Baltzer 1673; Hann▀ 1683..1690; Hans Friedrich 1691; Lorentz 1673; Maria Elisabeth 1691; Meligior 1683
 Wayland  Marina 1683