Marcella WENDLAND, 1915-1928
Ludwig's half-sister's daughter

 Father August WENDLAND, 1876-1946
 Mother Anna Frieda Ottilie "Tilla" RUDLOFF Wendland, 1884-1970
       Sister Frieda WENDLAND Stegner Pitsch, 1903-1996
       Sister Violet L WENDLAND Soucheck, 1905-1979
       Sister Wilma T WENDLAND Barthel, 1906-
       Sister Hildegard WENDLAND Bawden, 1908-1997
       Marcella WENDLAND, 1915-1928

Time Line

As of 1915 - Resided at 2233 N 15th St (7th Ward), Sheboygan, Sheboygan County, Wisconsin

1 January 1915 - Born there
Tillie Rudloff Wendland's Daughters

13 February 1926, age 11 - Sister Violet L WENDLAND, age 20, married Otto H SOUCHECK, age 22, at Holy Name Catholic Church there

1 October 1928, age 13 - Died there of Meningitis. Walter Henning remembers that no children were allowed to attend her funeral because of contagion concerns.