Walburga Sinzinger's brother-in-law's daughter-in-law's father

 Wife Ida O'BRIEN Heintz
       Daughter Kathryn HEINTZ
       Daughter Margaret Mary HEINTZ Metz Monroe, 1918-1985
       Son Thomas HEINTZ

Time Line

About 1918 - Resided at Hartford, Washington County, Wisconsin and occupation listed as Brewery Engineer at Joseph Schwartz Brewery there

26 May 1918 - Daughter Margaret Mary HEINTZ Metz Monroe born there

10 September 1938 - Daughter Margaret Mary HEINTZ, age 20, married Alphonse Matthew METZ, age 22, at St. Kilian's Catholic Church there

9 January 1941 - Granddaughter Mary Ellen METZ Urwin born at St Joseph's Hospital there

31 January 1942 - Grandson James Conrad METZ born at Milwaukee Hospital, Milwaukee, Milwaukee County, Wisconsin

Sometime before 1945 - Daughter Margaret Mary HEINTZ divorced from Alphonse Matthew METZ there

17 June 1960 - Son-in-law Alphonse Matthew METZ, age 44, died at Hartford of Coronary Thrombosis

13 June 1964 - Granddaughter Mary Ellen METZ, age 23, married Charles Edward URWIN, age 33, at St Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church, Milwaukee

15 December 1967 - Grandson James Conrad METZ, age 25, married Ursula KIRCHER, age 27, at Courthouse, Hagerstown, Washington County, Maryland