Anna Margaretha LOTT Patz
Wife of a wood cutter, family court jurist, and community worship leader in Etterwinden
Ludwig's great-great-uncle's wife

 Father Johann Georg LOTH
 Mother Elisabeth Dorothea Johanna Maria SCHRODER Loth
       Anna Margaretha LOTT Patz
       Sister Eva Margretha Henrietta "Henrietta" LOTH Patz, 1832-1911

 Husband Johann Wilhelm "Wilhelm" PATZ, 1819-1849

Time Line

Born in Etterwinden?

28 November 1832 - Sister Eva Margretha Henrietta "Henrietta" LOTH Patz born at Etterwinden, Kreis Eisenach, Thüringen
Etterwinden Church

20 June 1843 - Married Johann Wilhelm "Wilhelm" PATZ, age 24, there

As of sometime before 1849 - Resided at #41 there

18 March 1849 - Husband Johann Wilhelm "Wilhelm" PATZ, age 29, died at #43 there of Nervenfieber (typhus)

29 October 1851 - Father-in-law Johann Peter "Peter" PATZ, age 65, died at #43 there

31 July 1890 - Brother-in-law Johann Conrad "Conrad" PATZ, age 55, died